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Extended Service Contracts & Protection Packages Available
At Dondelinger Chevrolet

Are you ready to purchase a new or used Chevy truck, van, car or SUV from Dondelinger Chevrolet? After you finalize your paperwork, you should check out the Extended Service Contract options and Protection Packages that our Business Department has to offer. Not only can we help you combat nature and avoid excess wear and tear on your new or used vehicle with interior and exterior protection, we can also protect it in the event of a total loss collision with GAP protection. When can you purchase Extended Service Contract, Protection Packages and GAP? Right after you've chosen the Chevy Silverado pickup, Equinox SUV or other new or pre-owned model for sale at our Chevy dealership near Brainerd, MN. Give us a call now for more information.

Credit Life, Accident & Health Insurance: Pekin Insurance

There's no need for your family to be left with the financial burden of your existing car loan if you pass away. With Credit Life Insurance, they're completely protected from the financial burden of remaining car payments in the event that the primary wage-earner has an untimely death. With Accident and Health Insurance, if you get sick, hurt, or injured and are out of work for 14 days, your payments will be made until you are able to get back to work. There are some limitations and exclusions, so speak with our Business Managers to learn more.

Pulse Rear-End Collision Deterrent System

Pulse: Rear-End Collision Deterrent System

Do you want to be more protected from rear-end collisions in your new Chevy? With Pulse, an award-winning electronic rear-end collision deterrent system, that wish can come true. We here at Dondelinger's install Pulse on all of our new vehicles and front line pre-owned vehicles. A recent study found that 90% of all rear-end collisions could be avoidable if the trailing driver had been warned just a second earlier. Pulse provides that second, warning tailgaters by flashing your third brake light 4 times when slowing down or stopping, so the person behind you has more time to react.

Nano Liquid Glass Protector

Nano: Liquid Glass Protector

To strengthen your windshield and enhance visibility on the road ahead, you want Nano Liquid Glass Protector. Made with patented nanotechnology, this coating will help you see 34% better at night by reducing glare almost to nothing and strengthen your windshield 10x!

MBPI: Total Protection Package

Looking for extensive coverage on your new Chevy or pre-owned vehicle? The Total Protection Package by MBPI lets you choose the specific items you want to cover most. Tire and Wheel Protection, Dent and Ding Repair, or Key Fob and Key Replacement. Speak with a dealer representative for more information about MBPI's Total Protection Package.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

So, let's say one of the following things happen; you're in a collision, a tree lands on your car, severe hail damage or your vehicle is stolen and the result/decision from your insurance company is that your vehicle is now a total loss. How can you avoid having to pay the remaining loan payments if your insurance doesn't pay off your loan? With GAP Insurance from GAPWise®, of course. GAPWise® offers protection for vehicles up to $100,000 and is available when you finance with us and we'll even pay your deductible if your vehicle is totaled.

Perma-Plate Interior & Exterior Protection

Let's face it, life can get messy. That doesn't mean things like fast food spills, stains and punctures on the interior of your vehicle or hard water spots on the exterior need to add to the mess. With Perma-Plate Interior and Exterior Protection, you could be covered for the items mentioned earlier, among many other things. All it takes is a simple, long-lasting one time professional application and you will be protected for up to 5 years! There is no deductible or out-of-pocket expense in the event that your vehicle needs to be repaired. Plus, this program offers a hassle-free claims process which we are happy to help you with.

Extended Service Contract by Century Service, MBPI, and ASC

Car repairs can sometimes be expensive or leave you stranded. But with an Extended Service Contract from one of our top notch providers, you never have to worry about what happens when your Chevy needs to be repaired. Select plans cover over 18,000 components, including all the pricy computers and electronics that are standards in today's vehicles. An optional Extended Service Contact will give you enhanced peace of mind wherever your travels take you. All of our plans include 24-hour roadside assistance, flat tire changes, lockout key recovery and emergency fuel delivery. Our service contracts are offered in many available terms, mileage and deductible options to fit your personal driving habits.

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